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Life happens. Changes can break you.

But music gives you the chance to create a new story.

If you ask singer-songwriter Mauve what she feels about creating music, she says it has the ability to take you to an altered reality. Mauve is Mississauga’s pop songstress who has an eclectic and playful sound that comes straight from her soul. Mauve transcends genres to bring you moving electro-pop tracks through soulful and acoustic production. Her songs have gained over 1.9 million streams on Spotify and 2.3 million plays on Youtube. She was thrilled to be selected to perform at the 2022 and 2023 Canadian Music Week Festival.

Mauve has been nominated for 3 awards at the Mississauga Music Awards. She was also nominated 2 times for a MARTY Award in the Solo Vocalist category. Mauve won the InterContinental Music Award for Best of North America-Pop for her song, Come Around. In addition, Mauve was nominated for Best New Artist at the Niagara Music Awards

Her music has landed on official Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music playlists. Some of her live appearances include a performance at YOUTH DAY Global at Yonge-Dundas Square, the MOD Club, Sneaky Dee’s, a headlined performance at the Toronto Music Expo and many festivals and events across southern Ontario.

“With American female production duo LYRE (Fall Out Boy, ITZY) at the helm, “Shining Gold” is a bouncy, bonafide pop anthem steeped in positive dancehall and R&B vibes. The song is intentionally upbeat and is meant to serve as a celebration of what makes each of us unique.”

Canadian Beats

“The disco- influenced retro-pop revival complements Mauve’s growing body of work — all brimming with the singer, songwriter and producer’s signature smooth vocals and uplifting, melodic tunes.”

Darryl Sterdan, Tinnitist

“Mauve’s music proves she is a refreshing new artist for this generation — with her own unique style and sound…
In a world of Ariana Grande’s, Selena Gomez’s and other popular female artists, Mauve is an artist who stands on her own and has chosen a different route than the norm — while continuing to stay in creative control of all her own projects.”


“Mauve’s new single, “Close” is smooth, silky, and fiery, and that’s exactly the mood the singer was trying to set.”

The Gate

“Brand New is Mauve’s new single and it is such an amazing piece of music. I adore the modern melodies which create enough room for the sublime vocals. Moreover, the chorus is very powerful and showcases new artistic insights. Furthermore, I am also a big fan of the dynamic elements! You can say without any doubt that Brand New has all the elements of a hit, the sound knows to impress until the last second. Start streaming it as soon as possible and feel free to sing out loud while listening!”


“The tune is both uplifting and powerful but is wrapped up with a playful feel that makes you look on the brighter side of the situation.”

The Girls at the Rock Show

“Anything this good cannot be close enough” Canadian pop songstress Mauve sings in her newest release, “Close”. The same goes for volume: a track like this one can’t be played loud enough either.”

– Christopher Smith – Talk About Pop Music

“Already well known for her incredible vocals, Mauve just dropped her spectacular angelic hit “Close”. Modern with a hint of melancholy, Mauve keeps us captivated through her descriptive lyricism and intense sound arrangements. I love the textured layers of instrumentals and powerful synths all fused into one heart melting ballad. Island vibes of Tropical House weave with EDM production to establish the song of summer 2019. “Close” features hot notable lyrics such as “Anything this good, Cannot be Close enough” to describe the overwhelming feeling of a connection with someone that is so strong you CAN’T get close enough. As a vocalist, Mauve is gifted beyond her years and we can’t get enough! She’s earned her success and we’re excited to see how much further this rising start will go.”

Buzz Music LA 

“Few artists are able to provide listeners with a full sense of whom they are with just a single song, but Sweetness, the latest effort from Mauve, does a tremendous job in showcasing a bevy of styles and approaches used by the performer. What we were most impressed by with Mauve’s new single is how effortlessly she is able to go and blend together a number of styles that would seem to work at cross purposes. This means that a tried and true late 20th century sound (drawing heavily on pop, R&B and even Broadway) is dovetailed with an EDM backdrop. The production is lush and allows each element of the track to shine, all while coming forth as something that listeners have never heard before.”

James McQuiston – NeuFutur

“From the first moments of the song you feel the beautiful and distinctive voice of Mauve in your soul, this will make you repeat the song again and again.”

Indie Music Home

“Playing piano, guitar, composing, writing lyrics, and (for our greatest pleasure) singing with charisma, MAUVE is remarkable for her several musical skills. Plus, nowadays even more important than artistic talent, MAUVE has this entrepreneurial mind-set to drive her far on the path to success. This young artist from Toronto builds her musical identity step by step with chic and perseverance. First recording covers from various music genres as pop, rock or jazz, she got inspired by the iconic Sia, Arctic Monkeys and Amy Winehouse. When she finally launched her own sound a year ago, she turned to electro-pop soundscapes.”

Musical GlobeTrotter

“Sweet and bubbly, heartfelt and flirty—it’s a tale of longing and love from afar…the kind of track perfect as a soundtrack for late summer romances and mischief. Repeated listens began to call up memories within me I had thought long forgotten—flashes of infatuation and of crushes past. Vicariously experiencing the thrill of falling for someone through her skillful lyricism and noticeably rich voice is a real treat. It’s truly a welcomed bit of hopeful escapism from the troubled world of today. Though still early in her career, Mauve seems to possess an intuitive knack for navigating the tropes and of conventions of the current day pop landscape.”

Aurora Campbell – Best Kept Montreal

“Toronto-based singer/songwriter Mauve has just unveiled her brand new single Come Around. This is a very cool piece of pop music with catchy electronics and its laid-back vibe is perfect for the weekend. Mauve’s smooth and dulcet vocals are quite captivating and, along with the infectious chorus, make the song stand out and soon you’ll start humming it.”

Caesar Live N Loud

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